Internal Medicine




Wabash College; Crawfordsville, Indiana; 1943-1945

Medical School:

University of Illinois College of Medicine, Chicago, Illinois, 1945-1948

Bachelor of Science in Medicine 1946; Medical Doctorate (M.D.) 1948

Internship Cook County Hospital, Chicago, Illinois, 1948-1950

United States Air Force School of Aviation Medicine Randolph Air Force Base, San Antonio, Texas, 1951

National Institutes of Health Fellowship in Diabetes, Endocrinology, & Metabolism at Washington University School of Medicine at Barnes Hospital, St. Louis, Mo., 1958

American Heart Association Fellowship in Cardiology at Washington University School of Medicine, Barnes Hospital, St. Louis, Mo. 1959


Phi Gamma Delta fraternity

Pi Delta Epsilon honorary collegiate journalism fraternity


University of Missouri, Columbia, Missouri, Clinical Instructor in Medicine, part time, 1959-1960

Loyola University Department of Medicine, Clinical Instructor, part time, 1963-1964

Factors Which Influence the Radioactive Iodine Thyroidal Uptake Test medical paper buried in a time capsule at the New York World's Fair in the fall of 1965

Distinguished Service Award for 45 years outstanding service and dedication to Delnor-Community Hospital, February, 2009


Nitrogen Dioxide Pneumonia, a new disease, later called "Silo-Fillers Disease" was a medical first (See publications): first two cases in 1955, published in 1956


American Society of Internal Medicine past member

State of Illinois Medical Licensure 1948 to present

Delnor-Community Hospital Medical Staff member 1963 to present  Currently emeritus.

Senior Federal Aviation Medical Examiner (FAA) Licensure classes I,II,III: 1960-2010

Bioethics Committee Chairman, Delnor-Community Hospital 1991-1995

Department of Medicine Delnor Hospital Chairman 1987-1989

State of Illinois Medical Examiner, Department of Disability and Rehabilitation 1961 to 1999

Aurora University Advisory Board for Science and Religion course "Cosmos and Chaos" ,   1996

American Academy of Stress Disorders, founder, president 1971-1975

Saint Charles Health Board 1963-1990

American Medical Association past member

Illinois State Medical Association past member

Kane County Medical Association past member

Illinois Youth Commission, Saint Charles Training Schools for Boys Physician Consultant 1964-1969


United States Air Force Training Command, USAFR medical officer, active duty, 1951-1952

United States Navy (USNR 490741) 1943-1951


American Legion current member

FCC Amateur Radio License Ham (Advanced) W9DDX (1958-present)

Past member Toastmasters, Lions, Rotary, Kiwanis

Society of Mayflower Descendants member via Resolved White and his parents William and Susannah White who all were on the original Mayflower, 1620

Jamestown Society (eligible) via Resolved White, his wife Judith Vassal, from her grandfather's membership in the Virginia Company,  John Vassal

National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution member, via John Stone. Eligible via Benjamin Grayson, sr., (father of Wren Grayson, sr.) N.C. militia.

General Society of War of 1812   Admitted April, 2009, via g. g. g. grandfather Wren Grayson, Sr., 3rd  East Tenn. Militia, 1814-1815, under Gen. Andrew Jackson, at Mobile and New Orleans.  Three ancestors were in the War of 1812: John Tasker, (Pvt.), Andrew C. Cummins, Major (?), and Wren Grayson,  senior (Pvt.) (1782-1865), 

Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War  member, via great grandfather Andrew Jackson Grayson, (Lt.), fought at Battle of Shiloh under General U.S.S. Grant, and eligible via g.g. grandfather Wyman Tasker, (Pvt). 


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