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I am not certain if you would be interested in the following letter as I am unclear which brother it was written to, but it was written by Joseph Grayson:
Mills Point Fulton County Ky Feb 15, 1845
Dear Brother,
I received your letter dated January 18th, 1845 wich gave one great satisfaction to hear from you all and hear that you was well. but I am verry sorry to hear that you are uneasy about me as to this County being sickly you are very much mistaken for it is as healthy hear as it is there or has been since I have been here and as I have started I will travel all over Arkansas and Missouri before I will come back there you may rest asured of that when I get ready and want to go where Pleasant is I will go and I expect to go either in March or April and you need not be uneasy, about me as it is verry healthy here and I can make Money here my family has had _____ healthy verry well since I have been here. I live opposite Mills Point in Missouri on and island in the Mississippi and I see old people here as there and for a sample come and see Benjamin McIntosh 49 years old and weighs 275 pounds and as healthy as any boddy and he has raised children to be 27 years old and never sick until this winter and that is not often the case there I have rote to Pleasant but I have had no answer I rote to him two months ago and requested him to direct his letter to Mills Point and there is no Mistake but what I can get to Pulaski County when I get ready to go. I have nothing more but reamin your affectionate brother. Joseph Grayson
per James M. McIntosh
I want Hardin Griffy to send me the song on Gramy over the sea in haste.
Upon noticing the dates, I believe that Joseph had written this letter to his brother Henry, as I think his brother Benjamin was already in MO by the above date.
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Nice letter...let's identify this Joseph. Is the Joseph of the letter Joseph, jr., son of Joseph who was son of Benjamin, sr. of Wilkes, and brother to Wren, sr.? I have a copy of a letter of 1842 from Wren, jr., Henry, and Sanford in Indiana to cousins in Tenn

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Thank you for getting back to me. Well, from what I was told by James McCoin, who sent it to me, it was a letter from Joseph Grayson, son of Joseph Grayson and Elizabeth Breazeale. I presume he was writing to Henry Grayson, also son of Joseph Grayson and Elizabeth Breazeale.

By 1850, Benjamin F. Grayson and his wife Elizabeth appear in Crawford Co., MO (later part of Phelps Co, MO). There are several letters that Benjamin wrote to Henry that are in the hands of Clifford Grayson, who lives in Rolla, MO. Clifford has promised a number of times to copy them for me, but after five years, I have given up. From what I have gleaned from Clifford, the letters speak of Benjamin and his family going to Arkansas and then to Missouri. James McCoin said that Henry had tried to start the trip with Benjamin, but Henry's wife was not well (James McCoin said she was asmatic (sp?)), so Henry returned to Tennessee with his family.

Jill M. Stafford