I have ELIZABETH WARD in my personal database, from another cousin. Is
it possible there were TWO marriages? Also, the marriage date you cite is
1802, which was BEFORE Elizabeth was born.. The evidence you have seems to
point toward WARD, however. Any one else have any other ideas?
Susan Kramer
gg-daughter of Gertrude Richardson
ggg-daughter of Eliza Jane Grayson
gggg-daughter of Wren, Jr. Grayson
ggggg-daughter of Wren, Sr. Grayson

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I recently was looking at the Grayson Family Database and I am certain
there is an error in the maiden name of the wife of Benjamin Franklin
Grayson of TN who d. in Phelps Co, MO. According to the info that I have,
his wife's name was Elizabeth Ward b. c. 1808 TN d. Mar 9, 1882 Phelps Co.,
MO. Her maiden name is listed as "Coffman" in the Grayson family database.
Both Elizabeth and her husband, Benjamin F. Grayson are named as the only
heirs of Keziah (Cahoon) Ward. The record also states that Elizabeth's
maiden name is "Ward". Keziah d. in Marion Co, TN bef Jul 1840 according
to her probate. Elizabeth's parents were Benjamin Ward and Keziah Cahoon.
Benj. and Keziah were married in Jan 1802 Tyrell Co, NC. As far as I
know, a copy of Benjamin F. Grayson and Elizabeth Ward's marriage record
has not been found, but is believed to have occurred in Marion Co, TN.

Also, the info on Benj. F. Grayson shows he died bef. Nov 1860 Phelps Co,
MO and Elizabeth was named as his executor and he is proclaimed "deceased"
on county records. I would really appreciate hearing from you in reference
to the above. Thank you.

Jill M. "Shattuck" Stafford
g-grandaughter of Elizabeth Grayson and Walter Gray Hooten
gg-grandaughter of George Washington Grayson and Susannah Mayfield
ggg-grandaughter of Benjamin Franklin Grayson and Elizabeth Ward
gggg-grandaughter of Joseph Grayson and Elizabeth (Patsy) Breazeale