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Memorial Day May 28, 2007, a celebration for all our family war veterans who made our freedoms possible 

Memorial Day May 26, 2008, a celebration for all our family war veterans who made our freedoms possible 

Biography of  Wren Grayson , Sr. 

Biography of Benjamin Grayson of Wilkes (ca 1742-?)

 Descendants of Benjamin Grayson of Wilkes

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  Current theory about Benjamin Grayson

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This genealogy site is dedicated to our relatives.   We are descended from Benjamin Grayson of Wilkes County, North Carolina, who entered land in N.C. in 1778.  His ancestry is unknown.  His known descendants include more than 3,000 individuals.    Randall Forest Richardson assisted in compiling these records. Please send us your comments, databases, pedigrees, questions, messages, and links by email and we will add your information to this web page.  This will make a continually changing and challenging genealogy online newsletter.  

Grayson Family Genealogy Links:

  •  The Grayson Family Database:  Grayson Tree 

  •  Download 3,188 name gedcom Grayson database (right click and save)

  •   Kindred Konnections has 370 million names

  •   Mississippi Grayson connections to Tennessee; Joseph, Henry, Jessee, James C., Hugh, and more

  •  Excellent Grayson/Hooper Roots-Web genealogy register with good charts and history from Don Hooper

  •   Savvysearch.com searches a series of search engines.

  • Bledsoe County, Tenn. has a fine genealogy and history web site